• What are MICROscholarships?

    MICROscholarships are smaller than traditional scholarships, typically less than $1000 and much easier to obtain. Individuals, businesses and organization nationwide give philanthropically each year in support of education. Our mission is to ensure the success of College Entrepreneurs by supporting their education and their business endeavors through the MICROscholarships we award.  

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  • Why Donate?

    It’s time to take education to the next level by support our entrepreneurs. We are doing our part. How about you? Consider adding MICROScholarships to your current group of charitable organizations to provide greater fiscal rewards and support your local community through educational and entrepreneurial investments.

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  • Who can apply to MICROscholarships?

    Anyone that is accepted and/or actively enrolled in a post-secondary program. No age restrictions. No grade point minimum. No degree focus/concentration and who is an entrepreneur with a solid business idea can apply!

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Access is our Passion | Persistence is our Path | Student's are the future.

Funds Management

Developed by prior student financial services professionals and business owners, the co-founders and mentors at MICROscholarships readily understands the process of acquiring funds for college and funds needed to start a business.

Fiscal accountability is a responsibility and the right thing to do whether dealing with personal funds or corporate coffers. For this reason, we ensure that all funds raised through MICROscholarships are distributed directly to an appropriate office of student financial services or business entity.

Our process ensures accountability, guarantees that donor/sponsor monies are directed toward the intended cause to ensure the students of the students participating in our program.

In the News

MICROscholarships Inc is extending its reach in its new agreement with ScholarshipProz LLC, a new online solution to help students find money for college.

ScholarshipProz delivers an interactive website where students invite family, friends, communities and social networks to help bridge financial aid gaps associated with going to college. By aggregating donated funds online, students can easily manage fund raising projects in one location and stay on a path for graduation.

Whether its books, tuition, internships, lab fees, studying abroad programs or any other unmet financial need, together, we are helping students with new resources to find money for college and graduate. New Website launching in 2016

How you can help!

MICROscholarships Inc. 501c3 is dedicated to providing opportunities to student entrepreneurs thru equal access to scholarship funds and entrepreneurship training programs. Once accepted into our program, student entrepreneurs receive tailored mentoring, small business development support, and financial assistance (via need-based qualifications) – all geared toward graduating from college and getting their business off the ground.

As part of our ongoing efforts to increase our students economic opportunities, we need your support. Our goal is to mentor and prepare 30 to 50 student entrepreneurs in CY2016 through micro scholarships and entrepreneurship programing and your tax deductible donation(s) will enable us to deliver on our objectives.

We thank you for your generous support!